My name is Cerys Edwards. I am based in South Wales, UK, where I work as an Illustrator & Designer, creating and illustrating various images and products for sale within the craft industry.

I love creating fun and whimsical, colourful artwork that can bring out the true essence of any brand or clients image in a visual and appealing way.

Areas I have worked in include, creating illustrations for children's books, social media content, merchandise, greetings cards, and much, much more.

I am very adaptable to what a client requires and willing to adapt the work I create to ensure the best results.


I have worked with Cerys for over 3 years on 12 of the 18 of my Little Friend’s Adventures Picture Books as well as other books I have published on behalf of other authors. Cerys seems to instinctively know what images are needed but still takes into consideration the writers own vision and can adapt her images to suit.   Ann Brady - Author, Mentor & Publisher

* * * * *

I love the images Cerys has created. I am still amazed that when I tell her what I think a scene should look like,  she is able to create what my sometimes bizarre mind imagines.    Lawrence Dracut - Author