Pen & Ink Designs is a small independent Welsh Publisher recognised by CCPW the Welsh Publishing Group.

The business was originally launched in 2002 by the principal Ann Brady in response to the work she was doing within the Sports & Fitness Industry. Upon leaving that profession the business closed but was reopened in 2012 to allow Ann to publish fiction books written by herself and by other authors, including young writers.

Whilst publishing under the Pen & Ink Logo they have two further imprints - Kids4Kids and MentoringWriters. The former has been around since 2002 and the latter has been in use over the last few years.

Pen & Ink Designs works with a variety of authors but limits it services as it feels that if the business over stretches itself then it will cease to offer a valuable service to those authors it works with. For this reason Pen & Ink is selective in its choice of authors.

That doesn’t mean to say you shouldn’t approach them with your submission as they are always open and honest in their dealings with any applicant.

Review’s: Thank you so much getting my book ‘An Illustrated Guide to Help Adults Destroy the Planet’ and  for all your continued help and support with my future work. Lawrence Dracut